To register your booth space please contact Mark Goldfarb at either mgoldfarb@pcm411.com or 212-460-8090 ext. 202, or click here for online registration.

SID Vehicle Displays and Interfaces 2017, the 24th Annual Symposium on Vehicle Displays, takes place Tuesday and Wednesday, September 26-27 at the Burton Manor Conference Center in Livonia, MI.

Here is the List of Exhibitors and the Floor Plan for the 2017 exhibition.

Best in Show Award
All exhibiting companies will be considered for the Best in Show Award. The organizing committee will review those products, prototypes, and processes exhibited at the Show and the winner will be selected for their ability to excite vehicle display experts and Symposium attendees. Creative booth design that improves the aesthetics of the tabletop, will also be considered in the overall evaluation.

The hours of the 2017 exhibition are:

Tuesday, September 26, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Wednesday, September 27, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Exhibitor Information
The fee for purchasing space is $800. The fee includes a 6-ft. table, two chairs and one electrical outlet. To learn more about why you should exhibit, view our Call for Exhibitors. If you are interested in exhibiting, please download the Application for Exhibit Space and Tabletop Instructions. If you are interested in sponsoring the Symposium, please download the Call for Sponsorship and sponsorship contract.

Exhibitor Presentations

The Symposium will feature a session of presentations by tabletop exhibiting companies. This presentation can provide you, the exhibitor, with greater exposure to attendees who want to know more about your company’s goods and services. Each exhibitor will be allowed to present for 2 minutes. If you are interested please email Mark Goldfarb (mgoldfarb@pcm411.com) a short abstract to confirm your participation.

Qualifications for Purchasing a Tabletop

Exhibitors must be manufacturers or representatives of companies that produce products or perform services that conform to the subject matter covered by the SID Vehicle Displays and Interfaces 2016 Symposium.

Tabletop Rental Cost

The fee for purchasing space is $800.00. The fee includes a 6-ft. table and two chairs (see floor plan). Electrical power in the form of a 110-V line (max. 20-amps) will be provided. A separate registration fee is required for admittance to the technical sessions.


Installation may begin at 1:00 PM on Monday, September 26. Work on Monday must be completed by 5:00 PM. There are no overnight installation hours after 5:00 PM on Monday. Installation may be continued at 7:00 AM on Tuesday, September 27 and needs to be ready for opening at 9:00 AM. Special Note: there will not be a security company to monitor the room. Even though the room will be locked overnight we recommend that you do not leave real valuables at your table overnight.


Exhibitors can begin dismantling their displays at 12:00 PM on
Wednesday, September 28.

Shipping Information

Shipping information to follow.

Conference Sponsors

For more information for exhibiting and sponsoring, contact:
Mark Goldfarb, Director of Conferences
(212) 460-8090 ex: 202