2017 Exhibitor List

3M Table 41
Abrisa Technologies Table 39
AEE Table 42
ARM Ltd. Table 12
Astrodesign Inc. Table 19
Bando Chemical Industries, Ltd. Table 70
Benchmark Electronics Table 65
Beneq Inc. Table 45
BOE Varitronix Ltd. Tables 36, 37
Cat-i-Glass Mfg Table 48
Chemours Table 38
DNP Corporation USA Table 11
Dexerials America Corporation Tables 15, 16
EuropTec USA, Inc. Table 17
Fellsway LLC Table 29
Futaba Corporation of America Table 14
General Electric Table 33
Global Lighting Technology Table 72
Gooch & Housego (Orlando) Table 13
Harman Table 62
Henkel Table 18
Hosiden America Corporation Table 53
IHS Markit Table 29
International Display Consortium Table 59
I-PEX Table 73
Iwatani Corporation Table 44
JDI Display America, Inc. Table 8
Kimoto Tech Inc. Table 47
Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc. Table 30
Kyocera International, Inc. Tables 31, 32
LightSpeed Interfaces, Inc. Table 60
MAC Thin Films, Inc. Table 54
MacDermid Autotype Table 12
Momentive Performance Materials Tables 1, 2
Nagase America Corporation Table 25
Nanocomp USA, Inc. Table 5
Neonode Table 35
Ngomad, Inc. Table 18
Niebling GmbH Table 6
Optics Balzers Table 21
OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Table 74
Photo Research Table 56
Pilkington North America-NSG Group Table 57
Pioneer Automotive Technologies, Inc. Table 68
Polytronix Table 6
PPG Industries Table 40
PVA Table 64
Radiant Vision Systems Table 26
RAMPF Group Inc. Table 43
Rikentechnos Table 24
SCREEN Laminatech Co., Ltd. (former FUK) Table 55
Silvaco, Inc. Table 7
Synaptics Table 23
Taica North America Corporation Table 4
Texas Instruments Table 22
ThreeBond International Table 67
Tianma NLT USA, Inc. Tables 27, 28
Tru Vue Table 9
UNEO Inc. Table 46
VIA Optronics Table 51
Visteon Corporation Table 20
Wacker Chemical Corp Table 71
Westar Display Technologies, Inc. Table 10
Westboro Photonics Table 69

Warning About Attendee List Scams
The Society for Information Display Metropolitan Detroit Chapter, as the owner of the Vehicle Displays & Interfaces Symposium, does not sell or rent its attendee list. Please forward all attendee list solicitations to Samantha Tola at [email protected]. You are strongly discouraged from purchasing any counterfeit attendee lists. Please refer to this article from TSNN Trade Show News for further information on attendee list scams.